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Eric Lugosch


Equipment I use and enjoy!
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These are products that I use when I play out.  High quality, durability, style and great, natural sound reinforcement that reproduces the warm and vibrant tones of my guitar.   Click on a product to go to their website!   Eric

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Whether  playing close to home or on the road,  I like being able to have my own sound and not relying on an unfamiliar system.  Itís not easy to achieve having a portable set up that I can count on with the versatility to handle the most intimate settings to the demands of a 500 seat venue.
The people at Shure Microphone, AER Amplifiers, and K&K Sound have always understood the importance of versatility together with exceptional fidelity, reliability, and value.  My Shure SM27, AER Alpha amp, and K&Kís XLR pre amp and  pickup system have helped me realize these goals beyond expectations.
My AER Alpha captures and delivers the warmth and clarity of Shureís  SM27 large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone along with the unsurpassed  acoustic sound  of K&Kís  Pure mini pick up and XLR pre amp.   Itís a synergy of three great products in a small package at a great price!  I think this trio of sound support  is unsurpassed  in quality, practicality, and affordability.  I canít think of a better or more convenient system to travel with.
If you are an acoustic musician you shou
ld hear this set up. and if you would like to see this system in person, keep your eyes on my Fall 2013 schedule.  Iíll be presenting workshops along  with my regular tour dates at fine AER, Shure , and K&K dealerships  throughout Germany.  Hope to see you then!

Eric Lugosch

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