Black Key Blues

This is Eric’s groundbreaking first solo instrumental recording on Acoustic Music Records. This recording breaks all clichés and is considered one of the best and most original solo guitar recordings ever recorded! No kidding!

  "When it comes to guitar playing, arranging and composing, there is no doubt about it, if they send some fingerpicking astronaut on one of those 300-year voyages that only takes ten years out of his life, he will find on his return, if he finds anything at all, that guitarists were still listening to this CD." Duck Baker


Kind Heroes

Dedicated to the guitar heroes that took the time to sit, listen and play with Eric, this is his second release on the Acoustic Music record label. This is a solo collection of some cool compositions, arrangements and songs. Pieces like St. Thomas, I'm Confessin' (that I Love You), Primate House, Her Grace, Tripping on My Own Feet are all part of this recording.


Making Models

This is Eric's first release on the Waterdog Record label. It features some of Eric's finest song writing and instrumentals with a great ensemble of musicians: Lana Wordel playing percussion and steel drums, Grammy nominated John Williams on accordion, the incomparable voice of Elaine Moore and Al Erich on bass. This is a cult classic!


New Tradition

This recording has some of Eric’s best-known contemporary arrangements of traditional songs: Marching Through Georgia, Brighton Camp (The Girl I Left Behind Me) as well as original songs like Texas Radio, We Can Go with songwriting legend Michael Smith singing harmony.

“Lugosch strolls… into the home turfs of folk, blues, pop and jazz, shepherding influences into harmonic bliss like a global musical peacekeeper.”  Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader



This is a homage to the immortal Reverend Gary Davis. It’s a collection of solo instrumental arrangements of Gary Davis's gospel and novelty pieces. Some very rare, never before recorded pieces like Rag Blues in C, Whistlin' Blues, and Marine Band are part of this classic collection.

"This is not an impersonation of Davis. Eric Lugosch has internalized Davis' style to the point where he can improvise within that style and still have it come out his own." Pat Donohue