Lugosch places his tunes within pleasant, folkish guitar settings....he masterfully exploits his prodigious fingerpicking skills, embellishing his simple, flowing songs with appealing baroque flourishes that sound homey rather than flashy.
— Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

National Fingerpicking Champion Eric Lugosch presents a truly original and inspirational show.  There are no gimmicks or gadgets --just a genuinely gifted imagination and a fluency that comes from years of working on his craft. Eric’s arrangements of traditional songs and jazz standards are now considered classics in picking circles, where he is also regarded as one of America’s best original fingerstyle composers, as well as a talented songwriter.

Eric has played and taught in festivals around the world including The Wirral International Guitar Festival, The Ullapool Guitar Festival, International Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy, and The New York Guitar Festival. He’s had the honor of performing with greats such as Doc Watson, Taj Mahal, John Prine, and David Bromberg.


Those who have heard Eric perform know they’ve been treated to someone special and memorable.

             “Lugosch strolls onstage with his guitar into the home turfs of folk, blues, pop and jazz,  shepherding influences into harmonic bliss like a global musical peacekeeper.”    

Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader


“When it comes to guitar playing, arranging, and composing, there is no doubt about it, if they send some fingerpicking astronaut on one of those 300 year voyages that only takes ten years out of his life, he will find on his return--if he finds anything at all-- that guitarists are still listening to Eric’s music.”   

Duck Baker

“Eric’s playing has an indefinable quality that hits you immediately. As a guitar player you may notice how beautiful the playing is and how effortlessly it flows. But if you are just a casual listener, none of this matters because his music is just plain fun to listen to.  It does what music is supposed to do. It makes you feel good.”    

Pat Donohue

“Eric has created some moments of pure magic and real transcendence on his recordings--the kind where I’m not even sure why the music hits me so deeply but it indubitably does. He has a discernible style and approach to the instrument that I really admire and respect. And frankly, that moves me and reminds me of why I love and play music in the first place.”     

Stephen Bennett


Praise for Eric’s Fingerstyle Academy – A collection of lessons, available online and in paperback book form, compiled from Eric’s years of teaching classes and workshops.

”I just want to say thank you for your teaching… My fingers are now killing me! but I've never been so inspired…you're a great teacher!”  


“I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing lessons on fingerstyle academy. Really inspiring music and clear and thoughtful teaching.”



“I found your website recently and the Fingerstyle Academy is the best guitar tutor I've ever come across. Thank you so much for providing this fabulous resource.”



“Thank you for very much for sharing your beautiful arrangements through the "Fingerstyle Academy".  I trust that you have a rich and steadily replenished store of guitar karma.”