The Eric Lugosch Abbey ten string!

I always loved the sound of a twelve string guitar; however, it seemed to limit the type of repertoire I could play.  I wanted to be able to play single note melodies without muddying the double and octave strings, and yet still retain the sound of a 12 string. So I followed through with my idea and purchased a 1967 B12/25 Gibson and proceeded to alter it. I decided to use single high E and B strings and unison wound G strings instead of the typical octave G.  I was happy with the results. Melodies and voicings you couldn't normally articulate on a twelve string were now possible while retaining that rich 12 string sound. 


Played and recorded with this guitar for many years and then one day approached Kevin Ryan with my humble experiment.  Kevin was blown away with the idea! Over the next two years we discussed the idea together and Kevin came up with a truly unique and graceful design integrating ten strings into the headstock. Kevin is now offering as a model in his collection.

I am now the proud owner of an EL10: The Eric Lugosch Abbey ten string...Wow!


I am in the process of recording with this superb guitar. It's opened up a new horizon for me. Truly the best of both worlds.


Thank you, Kevin, for all your work and for making me another remarkable instrument!

Lauren Wagner